Aperitivo, dolce vita style

That is what you need:
a great location, friends, Gilli l’Aperitivo products, and typical Italian Aperitivo drinks like Hugo, Veneziano and others.

Let's go!

Select a location that matches the number of invited guests and the seasons. An aperitif on the terrace or in the garden is usually a bit more informal than indoors. If you are limited on space and you still want to offer guests more than just nibbles and drinks, consider a theme e.g. a color, lights, etc.

Gilli l'Aperitivo products. You will be already spoiled for choice, but your guests will be grateful.

Plenty of nourishing butter

These Bastoncini will literally melt on your tongue, as we bake these slightly salty snacks very gently indeed. Fluffy on the inside, crisp on the outside, always golden brown – these very special snacks go perfectly with any aperitif!

Round, not square!

These pretzel balls are the perfect accompaniment for every aperitif: fine and crispy, studded with salt, they will get any party rolling smoothly – all without palm oil.

Back to the roots

Who would have thought it? Beetroot, carrot, parsnip and sweet potato – all of them party animals! Crispy, chic and contemporary, they add style to any event. And they are all lovingly produced without palm oil!

Recipe for a tipically Italian Aperitivo HUGO:

15 cl sparkling wine (alcohol-free version with white Bitters),
2 cl Gilli elderflower syrup,
1 shot of soda

Mix all ingredients carefully with two to three ice cubes and serve with a lemon wedge and with mint.

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